A House of Fangs & Deceit

The fare are gone and the monsters reign.
I am Samara Harker and I was born to rule. As the Heir to House Harker, I prepared my entire life to marry the Heir of another House. The plan was simple. My husband and I would co-rule his House and I would make sure that the crumbling alliances amongst all the Moroi Houses strengthened.
Our ancestors gave up everything to survive after the fae vanished. It was only the combined efforts of the Moroi, Velesians, and Furies that led to us carving out some semblance of a life… and our future hangs on the precipice as tensions amongst us increase.
Unfortunately, our alliances aren’t the only thing falling apart. My carefully planned out marriage is a farce. After suffering through betrayal and humiliation, I’m forced to return to House Harker. My homecoming reunites me with old friends… and enemies. But things have changed since I grew up here. Back then I was promised to another. Now I’m free to pursue whatever… or whoever my heart desires.
My destiny might be changing, but it’s still my own. My name is Samara, and I was born to rule.

Coming January 23, 2024

Meet the Author

Alex Frost is… actually Maddox Grey. Dun dun duuuuun!

Okay probably not that dramatic of a reveal since it isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret. The pen name Alex Frost was created to publish the spicier fantasy series that fall under the “Why Choose” genre.

Why Alex Frost? Because Maddox is a freaking nerd. After being trained by local baristas to respond to the name “Alex” instead of Maddox, it seemed like the perfect pen name. Half of it anyway.

Since Maddox already shares their last name with Jean Grey of the X-Men, it seemed fitting to borrow Emma Frost’s last name for their other persona. 

If you know, you know. (insert smirking face)