Frequently Asked Questions

The current plan is for nine books in total! They will be broken up into three trilogies. The first three books (first trilogy) will be focused on the Moroi, so Samara and her love interests. The second trilogy will move to focus on the Velesians, so Rynn and their love interests. And the third, which you’ve probably guessed if you’ve read the first book, will be focused on the Furies and therefore Cali and her love interests.

While each set of trilogies will have a focus on different characters, there will be an overall story that winds through all the books and obviously there were will be lots of overlapping characters.

The only release date I have for sure is A House of Fangs & Deceit which is coming out January 23, 2024. I will hopefully be releasing the second book in mid-2024 and possibly the third book by the end of 2024. But that might a little ambitious on my part.

Everyone has different tolerances for topics and themes within a book. Because of this, writing a content warning can be challenging. For example, folks who read dark fantasy often have very different tolerances compared to those who might read sweet fantasy romance. I’ll list out a few themes and topics that you’ll encounter in my books in this section. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

  • This is a spicy why choose fantasy romance. So there is a lot of sexy time.  While some of the characters are a little… aggressive about things. Everything is consensual. There is no sexual assault or dubious consent in these books.
  • The world of Lunaria Realms is pretty dark. The humans have turned themselves into monsters to survive and the first generation, and some of the later generations, lose their humanity and their minds. Almost all the characters are close to someone who has died and there is a lot of death in the series.
  • The Moroi are basically vampires, they drink blood for sustenance and for fun, especially during sex.

An ARC is an “Advanced Reading Copy”, basically it’s a pre-release version of a book. For most authors, myself included, this version has been through the editing/proofreading process and is ready for publication. Authors use ARC’s as a way to get reviews prior to release, and hopefully, drum up some excitement.

If you’re interesting in receiving ARC’s in the future you can join my ARC team by filling out this form.

You do not need to be a book reviewer or blogger to join my ARC team, everyone is welcome! If you do run a review/blog account and are interested in getting a paperback edition, please reach out to me directly on social media or through the contact form on my website.